Welcome to the Southern Lands,

Once in Ancient Time stood the pyramids of old, Lestro, Kaboe, and Buak were the Monuments that would forever mark the home of serpent nightmother, but as years turned to centuries, and milenias passed the cataclysmic wars of the dragonlord Khar made these lands uninhabitable.

None could survive the dunes of the sand dessert, untill one day the golden shore was found. a paradise of the modern time, as the desert retreats back into the continent the shores of these lands are filled with tropical foods and wild fauna, the warm temperatures make great winelands and the mountains are untuched, filled with gemstones.

Better yet, is that the lands are without law and rule, none here govern and rule over others, no king claims these lands his own to seek tributes and taxes, its a free haven for anyone wishing to escape… but it cannot last forever, for one day war will return. and the blood of man will be shed once more in the ancient land of gods.

Southern Lands